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Young Women


LHE hair removal treatment uses a unique combination of light and thermal energies to
create lasting results by inhibiting future hair growth.

LHE hair removal treatments uses low-level light and heat in carefully controlled
settings. The treatment is usually complete after several sessions. The light and heat
energies are then adjusted to your skin type. Because LHE uses low fluence, there is no
need for any skin cooling techniques, making the process faster and less costly. Once the
process is completed, the next treatment can be done 3-4 weeks later until the hair stops

*All packages include 7 treatments and must be paid upfront.

Hair Reduction

Upper Lip (10 Minutes)                                                                   

$100         $600     


Chin (10 minutes)                                                                                

$125        $750   


$100        $600         

Fore Arms (20 Minutes)                                                                     

$200      $1200               

Full Arm (30 Minutes)                                                                        

$350      $2100                

Under Arms (15 minutes)                                                                 

 $175       $1050                

Bikini Line (20 Minutes)                                                                    

$200       $1200                 

Full Bikini (30 Minutes)                                                              

$275      $1650              

Lower Legs (includes knees)(40 minutes)                                    

$300     $1800        


Full Legs (60 Minutes)                                                 

 $600      $3600     


Chest (40 Minutes)                                                                       

 $400      $1800  


Back (45 Minutes)                                                                          

$600      $2400

Half Back (20 Minutes)​

$300       $1800


$200       $1200 


*First 4 sessions client comes in every 2 weeks then every 4-6 weeks there after.

*All packages must be paid upfront.

*Client understands that treatment protocol must be followed for best results.

*Clients must be out of the sun for 30 days before treatment.

*A minimum of 6-10 treatments are necessary depending on area being treated.

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