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Made with the same ingredient Poly-L-Lactic Acid or (PLLA) thats in facial fillers, this ingredient stimulates our own skin to produce new collagen. The filler facial is the first non-injectable, pain-free formulation that rejuvenates and replenishes while it fills in fine lines and wrinkles.  A topical application of PLLA on the skin will replenish the skin.  The serum is combined with a unique hyaluronic and collagen boosting sheet mask, that when combined together creates a powerful delivery system for optimal infusion of these ingredients deep into the skin.  Collagen stimulation and growth continues after each treatment and we recommend a series of 5 treatments done 1 week apart. This treatment can be done as a stand-alone treatment or added on to almost any facial. So, say no to needles, and say yes to beautiful, smooth, firm, and plump skin the more natural way. 

Young Women


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