"Rhiannon uses her extensive knowledge as an esthetician to help each individual customer reach his or her particular skin care goals. Rhiannon is clinical in her assessment, and honest in the extent of treatment necessary for the desired outcome. With her straight forward approach, Rhiannon shows she truly cares about the success of her client. Having received treatments with both LHE and skin care products from Rhiannon, I would highly recommend her."

Theresa,New York

"I’m a 50 something year old woman looking to slow down the aging process. I found the fire and ice facial to help w/ my fine line.  It brought back some of the elasticity to my face as well. I enjoyed the facial massage and the cooling along with the mask. My dry aging skin is now moist,& has a brightness to it. The treatment was done professionally and I would definitely recommend this experience. Ladies we all deserve a little pampering to look more youthful."

Patty Ann , New York

"I met Rhiannon about 1 year ago and was blown away by her professionalism and knowledge of skin care.  I have been to her for numerous treatments and have been satisfied with all of them.  She has honestly changed the quality of my life and I can not thank her enough.

Andrea,Cliffside Park NJ

"Love all of her services,makes you look and feel young.  She does an exceptional job.  Try her services you will not regret it."

Louisa,Des Moines IA

"Excellent Service and Knowledgeable! "

Cindy Sausalito,CA

"As a 24 year old it is embarrassing to have acne on my face. I don’t have severe acne, but have never experienced clear skin. I have seen a dermatologist but I was extremely sensitive to the drying-out-the-skin process that it would make me breakout worse than before. I finally was referred to Rhi to try LHE treatments. I was skeptical that this would be effective and clear up my acne, but I was able to see results immediately after the first few treatments. I completed six treatments and was amazed at how my acne cleared up."

Megi,Clifton NJ

"I would dread the winter season, knowing that my rosacea and super dry skin would kick in, but figured it was something I had to deal with. After one facial with Rhiannon I began seeing immediate results. Now I can’t go a week without being asked what my skin care secret is and complemented on my amazing complexion. If you’re looking for noticeable results – Rhiannon’s your girl! "Jaimee,New York

"After suffering from acne for years and trying different products I decided to try LHE treatments. After the first couple of treatments I wondered why I waited so long! The results were amazing and I noticed my confidence coming back. Rhiannon is warm and compassionate and listens to what your concerns are. She will work with you and has your best interest in mind! Never have I met with someone who had so much understanding and empathy towards their clients. Thank you Rhi, I love my new skin! "

Krista,Mahwah NJ

"I was born and raised in a beach neighborhood so at 26 my skin was already damaged from the sun, smog and stress. I didn’t realize it until Rhiannon showed me how my skin could look… fantastic! "

Samantha,Asbury Park NJ

"Whenever I can, I tell people about my experience with hair removal and about Rhiannon. My father is from the Middle East, and the hair on my body is very dark and thick. It was embarrassing, annoying, and very time consuming. After only 3 sessions with Rhiannon, there was a drastic change in the growth of my hair. I would only have to shave maybe once a week, and my legs would actually be smooth with no stubble. Not only does this truly work, but Rhiannon is also one of the most caring people. She will make sure you are comfortable, work with your schedule, and absolutely remove your unwanted hair. I have recommended her services to many of my close friends. This has been the best decision I’ve ever made."

Christina,N Bergen NJ

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