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When my love for beauty and skin care began.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

My love for beauty and skin care began at a young age. Being surrounded by strong, confident, and gorgeous women who grew up in the 1940s-70's that all appreciated (and I'm sure for some, it was instilled) everything beauty. From skin care, nails, hair and perfume to jewelry, makeup and fashion. Naturally, I enjoyed it as well. Some of there quotes have stuck with me through the years and I thought I would share with you.

I'll begin with my Great Grandma Maime. Oh how fabulous she was! She is the one that got me into beauty. She was like a movie star to me. Big blonde hair, fur coats, heels, and dripped in big jewelry. Oh how I loved watching her get dolled up. It looked like so much fun. She faithfully moisturized with oil of olay (you know the glass bottle with the black top and the logo of the womans face at the top) I mimicked everything she did and started applying moisturizer around the age of 6 or 7. She always looked 10 + years younger than her true age.

"Take care of your skin and moisturize everyday."

Then there was my Aunt Kay, I remember her always washing her stockings and hanging them on the towel racks in the bathroom.

"Never go out with bare legs" she would say.

My dear Aunt Gloria. Every week she faithfully went to the beauty parlor with Grandma Maimee (and of course I tagged along) to have her hair set. Her signature perfume scent was Aromatics Elixir by Clinique.

"Do anything you want dear"

My Grandee always dressed well, had her hair done, always wore big glasses and drove great cars too! She would give me money to buy flowers. I'd remove all the petals and use them for my at home foot pedicures.

"Always put yourself together when you go out, you never know who you'll meet."

My gorgeous Aunt Lori is always put together. Her hair and makeup are always on point and she always has the best bags and jewelry. She was a hair dresser as a young woman. She used to keep her mannequin dolls and supplies in the kitchen. I used to pretend I was a hairdresser as a kid and play with them. Unfortunately, I was never good at doing other peoples hair or my own really.

"Green cancels out red."

My beautiful Aunt Wendy. She had the best boots, nails and perfume. I can smell the Bal A Versailles by Jean Desprez. Enveloped in a white pillowy box. An exquisite scent of orange, patchouli, and bergamot. I never liked fruity or flowery scents. She also had the BEST nails. I LOVED the french pedicures she would get. So clean and classic. I rock that look to this day. I started doing my nails with Kiss products around 10 or 11. Unfortunately, I was never good at doing other peoples nails.

"No shenanigans, be careful and take care of yourself."

Grandma Eileen: Another fabulous woman that was put together on all levels. Always at the hair salon. If she couldn't get to the salon she had back up boxes of dye in the cabinet for emergencies. She also loved getting her nails done and facials. I used to give her pretend facial massages as a kid and after I realized she looked better! I didn't understand why until I became an esthetican 25 years later.

"As long as there is clairol # 5, there is no excuse for gray hair".

My other Aunt Kay: Ahh my mentor and best friend. She was first class on a whole other level. Hair, makeup, nails, fashion, jewelry, and perfume. She would always be put together even if she wasn't going anywhere. Hair always done, clothes always ironed, visits to bloomgdales at lunch for makeup application. I mean she was still getting waxed every 6 weeks at 82!

"Never reveal your true age and always take care of your teeth".

At the end of the day I learned from all of them that beauty is not vanity. It's about self care and wellness. A mix of qualities made up of genes and life experiences that is aesthetically pleasing and shows your self worth and importance to yourself and others.

Pictured below Left to Right: Aunt Gloria,Aunt Joan, Grandee, Gram Maimee,Aunt Kay, Aunt Wendy, Aunt Lori, Aunt Kay, Me and Gram Eileen.

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